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Whatever Happened to Ice Cream?

Ice cream

In my last post, “Budget the Luxuries First,” I finished off by saying that a good rule for a happy home is to own an ice cream maker. I have since come to learn it’s more than a good idea, it’s an absolute necessity, since apparently commercial ice cream no longer exists.

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“Budget the Luxuries First!”

Chelsea and Sean's wedding

We attended a wedding recently, and one of the things that always happens at wedding receptions is the inevitable offering of advice to the newlyweds; whether it’s in the form of a toast by the Best Man, or somebody running around with a video camera at the reception asking people to say a few words, or the goofy uncle who wanders over to the couple and puts in his two cents, it’s going to happen.

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A Halloween Giveaway!

As you are no doubt aware, I do a lot of press events with the good people at Disney, reviewing their movies, interviewing their performers, visiting their studios and so on. As part of these press events, there’s usually a “swag bag” of some sort, full of merchandise related to the particular film or TV show being promoted. A lot of it I keep, some gets given away to friends or family, and some of it sits here waiting for me to find a home for it.

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David Byrne & St. Vincent at the Greek

Greek Theatre

The other day, my bride and co-conspirator at this site informed me that she had won concert tickets; we were to see David Byrne and St. Vincent at the Greek Theatre (the venue where Neil Diamond’s “Hot August Night” and Harry Chapin’s “Greatest Stories Live” albums were recorded) on Saturday night, thanks to local radio station The Sound LA (100.3 on your FM dial).

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Grab your walking shoes, it’s Art Weekend!

We are looking forward to one of our favorite events, Pasadena Art Weekend is a free celebration of the Arts that takes over Pasadena twice a year, every October and April. Friday, October 12 from 6 – 10, Pasadena museums, colleges, and art galleries open wide their doors. Free shuttles run all evening taking guests all over town. Comfy walking shoes are a must!

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Enterprise Car Rental and the Chevy Traverse

We recently rented a car. Our primary car only seats five people, and we were a group of six heading up to a wedding 75 miles away in the mountains. Taking two cars would mean paying for gas for two cars, plus, we had serious doubts that our second car would make the trip safely and return home intact.

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