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Christmas Thoughts, 10 years later

Margaret O'Brien and Judy Garland in "Meet Me in St. Louis."

In 2002, I sat down and posted some random thoughts on Christmas morning at my long-neglected humor site, Monkey Spit. About six months later, the company for which I worked suddenly went out of business, and the intervening decade was marked by bouts of unemployment and other difficulties. The years 2009-2011 in particular were very trying; the economy was down, our income was severely reduced, and it was not a good time. The past year has been a dramatic improvement, so this Christmas has been a welcome change. I recently had occasion to look back on what I had written, and found that I made some pretty good points.

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What to Give the Person Who Has Everything

So you have a friend who has everything. They’re hard to shop for, right? Especially if you want to give them a gift that says something more than “look, I got you a gift!” As it happens, I have the solution for you.

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