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‘Mad Men’ Style

Aside from being brilliantly written and acted, AMC’s Mad Men is acclaimed for its incredible production design; the sets and costumes are meticulously accurate to the period, but more importantly, they serve to reveal character elements, establish themes and foreshadow developments in the plot. Nobody does a better job of spotting and articulating these points …

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5 Ways Pinterest Can Help You Plan Your DIY Wedding

Hi there, I’m Ashley, Jim & Terri’s oldest kid. While I’m not currently planning a wedding, DIY or otherwise, they’ve asked me to contribute a post anyway, on a topic much nearer and dearer to my heart: Pinterest.  If you’re not familiar with it, Pinterest is a social bookmarking site, and one of the fastest growing social …

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The DIY Wedding, c.2013

Hi, I’m Jenn! I’ve been graciously invited by Jim and Terri to guest-post on the topic of the DIY wedding here at Blue Collar, Black Tie in connection with the upcoming film The Big Wedding, because I myself happen to be planning my own DIY wedding as we speak, figuratively. True, our wedding will not be quite …

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The Rules of DIY

making a wedding bouquet

Over the years since our own wedding, seeing and participating in DIY weddings and other events, we’ve learned a few lessons. Here are a few of them. You’ll probably want to keep these in mind as you plan your big day.

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Our DIY Wedding Story

Weddings are expensive, especially if you go all-out and incorporate everything the wedding industry tells you you “simply must have.” Hollywood has made a great many films documenting the process of booking a wedding planner and watching him/her burn through stacks of money creating a “dream wedding” that’s more about expressing the designer’s artistic vision than giving the happy couple what they want.

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“The Big Wedding” on Our Pinterest

In addition to the posts we’ll be running about DIY weddings, we’ve added a “Big Wedding” Pinterest board. Our Pinterest editor, Kate, has gathered a number of stylish and unique wedding ideas from around the web and will be adding more over the next few weeks, so be sure to check back often. You can …

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Weddings are more Fun with a Plus One

Weddings are always more fun when you can bring a plus one! Lionsgate is doing a special “Plus One” promotion this week; pop over to their Big Wedding website and order your ticket now, and get another one for free. How’s that for a deal? https://www.thebigweddingmovie.com to Bring Your Guest for Free! THE BIG WEDDING …

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The Big Wedding

A sure sign that our little blog is starting to gain some traction: in collaboration with Lionsgate Pictures, we are doing a series of articles on DIY weddings, to tie in with promotion of their new film, The Big Wedding. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and the movie looks really good. Before …

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