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Half & Half Ice Cream

Today is the last day of National Ice Cream Month, and to celebrate, here’s our “go to” ice cream recipe. Shortly after we we first got married, we got our first ice cream maker; along with it, we got our first ice cream recipe book, which we still have. It’s called “Modern Ice Cream Recipes” …

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DIY Monday: Recondition Cast Iron Cookware

One of the best, most useful items you can have in your kitchen is a good cast iron skillet. Nothing cooks like cast iron, and as we learned in Disney’s Tangled, it also makes a pretty good weapon. Cast iron cookware also happens to be one of those items people tend to pass by at …

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Easy Lemon Cookies

We found this recipe some years ago in a friend’s recipe book collection. It was cookie-making season, and our oven was broken (well, not really broken so much as simply misbehaving; temperatures were random, the pilot light had a tendency to go out, and all the other things that go with trying to use an incredibly cool looking but obstinate 75-year-old appliance), so we schlepped ourselves over to Sara and Benny’s place for a day of cookies, videogames, random oddball movies and good conversation.

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DIY Monday: The Ultimate DIY! R2D2

This week is Comic-Con, or as we call it, Nerd Prom. It’s the place where everyone who likes anything remotely geeky has to go at least once, sort of the Mecca for fans of comics, sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, costuming, toy collecting, Star Wars, and pretty much anything else that would have gotten you stuffed into …

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Monday DIY: Spiff up a Rental via Inexpensive Lighting Improvement

For today’s DIY, daughter Ashley offers her method for making an apartment into a home by getting rid of the typical apartment lighting fixtures. One of the realities of owning a rental property is it costs money to make them nice, and most landlords don’t want to spend a lot more than they have to. …

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Chicken & Waffles

We’re fortunate enough to live just a few blocks from one of the great American restaurants, Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles. The first time I saw the place, I thought it sounded bizarre; chicken and waffles, in my mind, went together like spaghetti and ice cream. But I was intrigued, and after hearing from friends, we finally ventured forth and found out that chicken and waffles are a marriage made in heaven.

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DIY Monday: Steampunk Goggles

We’re at the end of June, and that means one thing: comic book convention season is underway. Whether you’re planning to go to a smaller one- or two-day event like Comikaze or the Iditarod of Nerditry, San Diego Comic-Con, you want to dress for it. You don’t need to go for a full-on superhero costume, …

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